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Comprehensive, diagnostic assessment and evaluation. The Diagnostic Reading Centre of Calgary.

The Diagnostic Reading Centre of Calgary provides comprehensive, diagnostic assessment and evaluation of early language and literacy, reading, and/or writing skills to determine current level of development and the source and nature of the difficulties.

Assessment results are analyzed to establish a profile of individual strengths and needs and to develop a remediation plan for addressing specific areas of difficulty.

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The DRCC comprehensive, diagnostic language and literacy assessment typically involves the following process:


The purpose of the initial meeting is to discuss the background and nature of the individual’s language and literacy challenges and to determine whether to proceed with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.


Each new client (or parent/guardian) completes a DRCC Client Information Form to specify the areas of concern and the history of the individual’s learning and literacy challenges.

Other pertinent documents may be requested for review in order to learn more about the background and nature of the learning difficulties and any previous interventions to address the problem (i.e., psychoeducational assessment reports; speech-language pathology reports; relevant medical records; school records / report cards; individual program plans (i.e., IPP, ILP, ISP); school work, tests, assignments, & writing samples).

3. Diagnostic Language and Literacy Assessment Test Administration 

(Approximately 4 sessions of 1-1½ hours each)
Each individual works one-on-one with the literacy assessment and intervention specialist to complete the diagnostic language and literacy assessment tasks.

The battery of assessment tools is determined based on the individual’s specific learning profile and developmental level and typically includes a combination of standardized, informal, and dynamic measures.


The results for each test component are systematically scored, interpreted, and analysed. A language and literacy assessment report provides a detailed account of the test results and current developmental literacy levels; strengths and challenges in language, reading, and writing; and recommendations for intervention and remediation of the specific areas of difficulty.


The purpose of the follow-up consultation is to share and discuss the diagnostic language and literacy assessment results with particular attention on the areas of difficulty and the most effective interventions for addressing the individual’s particular needs.
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literacy intervention

We establish personal goals and customize a remediation plan of weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions to address each learner’s specific literacy challenges.
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consultation & presentations

We provide private consultation and presentations on a range of topics related to language and literacy development and the challenges that learners encounter.
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  • We have been working with Dr. Vavra for a year now. The entire experience has been worthwhile and very meaningful to our family. Our son needed help with his literacy skills. We were concerned about his transition from Elementary school to Junior High as well. His time spent working with Dr. Vavra has made a significant difference in his proficiency in reading, writing, and spelling over the year...
    - Ginger (mother of grade 7 learner)
  • Coming to work with Dr. Karen is one of the best parts of my week! She makes reading and writing so much fun that my hour with her simply flies by. The strategies and tricks she teaches me are all super helpful with my reading, writing and spelling, but the best part is they all make sense in my mind for why I use them. Dr. Karen is always kind, patient and helpful, and we often share a good giggle together as we work. If any of my friends or classmates needed extra help, I would definitely tell them to go see Dr. Karen. I feel lucky that I get to work with her!
    - Sophie (grade 4 learner)
  • It is like magic how Dr. Vavra blends her vast knowledge and expertise to create meaningful, thoughtful, engaging and fun lessons to teach and help build my daughter's literacy skills all while providing her with strategies and activities that are practical, make sense and most of all really do work! However, this may not be the greatest gift of working with Dr.Vavra. She is caring and compassionate and... 
    - Jennifer (mother of grade 4 learner)
  • Tai’s words when asked if she was glad she went through the process with Karen: “I am glad because, I feel like I am at the top of the class now, and I found out I really like reading”.
    - Tai (grade 6 learner)
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The Diagnostic Reading Centre of Calgary (DRCC) provides specialized, diagnostic language and literacy assessment, intervention, and consultation services for children, adolescents, and adults who experience significant and persistent challenges in language, reading, and/or writing development.
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